Venod Sharma attacks the interview system of Haryana staff Selection commission

Former Union Minister Venod Sharma has attacked the interview system in the government jobs of Haryana. While addressing a huge gathering in Panipat on 27th May, Mr. Sharma said that the discretionary power which has been given to the interviewers in the interview process is nothing but a means to practice nepotism. Mr. Sharma said that the government is playing with the lives of the future generation.

Venod Sharma addresses a public meeting in Sonipat, Haryana

Sonipat, 28th May 2014:

Continuing on the path of creating political awareness in Haryana, former Union Minister Venod Sharma addressed a public meeting in Sonipat on 28th May 2014.

He spoke at length on many issues being faced by the common public of Haryana. He raised the issue of 10% reservation for the weaker section of general categories prominently. Mr. Sharma highlighted that many families from the general categories were living in deplorable conditions. No other politician or political party in Haryana ever dared to take up the issue of providing reservation to economically weaker sections of the general categories.